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The peninsula of Nessebar – the ancient city of Mesambria, called in the late Middle Ages Mesemvria and later Nessebar, was inhabited thousands of years ago, at the end of the Bronze Age. The ancient Thracians called it Melsambria, which means “city of Melsa”, the legendary founder of the settlement. Mesabria has two convenient harbors […]


This is Plovdiv – ancient and eternal , magic and reality …. Throughout history Plovdiv bore different names: Kendrissos , Evmolpias , Philippopolis, Pulpudeva , Trimontsium , Ulpia , Flavia Julia , Plapdiv , Puldin Ploudin , Filibe and others. It is the second largest city in Bulgaria with a population of 368,469 people, accounting […]


Bansko has long ago become famous for its rich and varied cultural and historical heritage that has played an important role for the establishment of the Bulgarian values and has left a distinguished trace in our overall growth as a state. The evidence for its active participation in the powerful upsurge of the nation during […]